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St. George’s Episcopal Church building in Fredericksburg, VA is currently the third building on its site, completed in 1849. St. George’s windows were originally filled with diamond-shaped clear glass. In 1885, the three windows in the east end of the church were filled with stained glass as a memorial to Rev. Edward McGuire, who served the church for 45 years.

In 1906, the church renovated its interior. The Daily Star, October 31, 1906, wrote, “The body of the church has been frescoed throughout. The wainscoting is a Nile green, the walls the yellow-green now the favorite color of some of the principal church decorators in the country.”

At the same time, windows by Louis Tiffany and other makers were changing the insides of sanctuaries in America. Between 1907-1917, most of the rest of our church was reglazed with new stained glass. The creators of the windows were Louis Tiffany and a number of other artists displaying various styles within the Arts and Crafts Movement. These windows brought a different light and color into the church.

A group of donors came forward desiring to add these windows to St. George’s. The donors gave these windows as memorial windows remembering church parishioners.

The plan above shows the numbering of the windows and is based on cardinal direction. The gallery splits the windows into upper and lower windows.

This app has a SUMMARY TOUR covering the lower windows. “Click” the “hamburger” icon above and left to begin the tour.

There is also a menu tab for “OTHER TOURS” which include the Tiffany Windows, the Top 6 windows, the Designers Tour and others.

Finally, there are menu items for articles on the windows by location (East, Lower, Upper, West) and several articles on specific topics, such as the creation of the windows.

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