Symbols in the Windows

Sun-dappled clouds are a dawn-sky, a common metaphor for rebirth.

The lilies also represent the Resurrection.

The angel is wearing a breastplate over armor and holding a sword and buckler which symbolize the victory of the triumphant march into Jerusalem.

The palms also symbolize in the Resurrection victory over death

Two symbols of Jesus’ resurrection – the white burial garment and the crown of thorns. The latter specifically identifies Jesus. If Jesus had been stolen, his body would have remained wrapped – the garment would not have been left behind. It is clear that Jesus has been transformed

The symbol is the Chi-Rho one of the earliest cruciform symbols used by Christians. It is formed by superimposing the first two letters of the word “Christ” in Greek, chi = ch and rho = r. Although not technically a cross, the Chi-Rho invokes the crucifixion of Jesus as well as symbolizing his status as the Christ.

The Dove is the Christian symbol of the Holy Ghost from the words of John the Baptist in John 1:32- “And John bare witnessing, and said, I saw the Spirit coming down a from heaven like a dove and resting on him.” In this sense, it appears in representations of the Annunciation, Baptism of Christ and Paul. A dove issuing from a nun’s mouth symbolizes her soul rising to heaven. The dove of Noah’s Ark became the symbol of good tidings and peace. From Rome, doves represent love and constancy

Lamp. The lamp is used as a symbol of wisdom and piety. The Bible describes the Word of God as a lamp unto the faithful. In the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, a lighted lamp is used to indicate the wise ones.

The Crown of life is a reference to eternal life. The example is Christ who knew the pain of death but won the “victory over pain and death.”

Lamb – Jesus. The lamb is a servant image.
A. The lamb images are in Psalm 23, which depicts God as a shepherd leading his flock (mankind).
B. Jesus chose to suffer crucifixion at as a sign of his full obedience to the will of his Father

It is also an active symbol of the role of Christ to deliver victory. The Book of Revelation includes references to a lion-like lamb (“slain but standing”) which delivers victory in a manner reminiscent of the resurrected Christ.

The title Lamb of God for Jesus appears in the Gospel of John, with the initial proclamation: “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” in John 1:29. The second use of the title Lamb of God takes place in the presence of the first two apostles of Jesus, who immediately follow him, address him as Rabbi with respect and later in the narrative bring others to meet him.

Palms – resurrection, victory over death

A thurible is a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services

Star – To the Greeks and Roman, stars were divinities, a belief derived from Persia and Babylonia. Heavenly bodies identified with gods to be worshipped according to the advice of astrologers. The gods as planetary figures may be represented by a star on their brow. Christianity absorbed this idea. Christ is described as the “bright star of dawn” (Revelation 22:16) Early Renaissance art often shows a star on the shoulder of Virginia’s cloak. Virgin Mary is crowned with a circle of stars. Star led the magi to the birth of Christ. The ‘ancient’ Christ of the Book of Revelation held 7 stars in his right hand

The Ark was the sign of God that God would be with man until the establishment of the new covenant

Sun – a symbol of Christ
1. Genesis 6:8-18 – sheltering covenant, protection from the storm in Noah’s Ark
2. Hebrews 11:7 – a shelter for the righteousness of God. Noah by faith became heir to the righteousness of God
3. Exodus 25:10-28 – God provided Moses with the directions for the ark of the covenant. It was a purified receptacle for the written law of God by which man would be judged, a witness unto Man of the presence of God and the covenant
4. Jeremiah 3:16-17 – New covenant would be manifested by Jesus in the shed blood and resurrection. New vessel found in the heart of man. Holy Spirit is the witness we have of the new covenant carried wherever we go.

Colors can also be symbolic. Gold typifies divine glory; silver, redemption; blue, the heavenly aspects of the firmament as well as royalty; crimson, love, and sacrifice.

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