Upper Subject: Ark

Donor:  Wellington and Victoria Stevens Wallace

Maker/Date:  Charles Hogeman, 1908

Inscription: “Be Received Into The Ark Of Christ’s Church”

Description: This verse is from the 1789 Prayer book

“We beseech thee, for thine infinite mercies, that thou wilt mercifully look upon this Child; wash him and sanctify him with the Holy Ghost; that he, being delivered from thy wrath, may be received into the ark of Christ’s Church; and being steadfast in faith, joyful through hope, and rooted in charity, may so pass the waves of this troublesome world, that finally, he may come to the land of everlasting life, there to reign with thee, world without end; through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen.”

Symbol  – Ark.

The Ark was the sign of God that God would be with man until the establishment of the new covenant:

  1. Genesis 6:8-18 – sheltering covenant, protection from the storm in Noah’s Ark
  2. Hebrews 11:7 – a shelter for the righteousness of God. Noah by faith became heir to the righteousness of God
  3. Exodus 25:10-28 – God provided Moses with the directions for the ark of the covenant. It was a purified receptacle for the written law of God by which man would be judged, a witness unto Man of the presence of God and the covenant
  4. Jeremiah 3:16-17 – New covenant would be manifested by Jesus in the shed blood and resurrection. New vessel found in the heart of man. Holy Spirit is the witness we have of the new covenant carried wherever we go.

Techniques –  The Wallace windows use similar glass around center symbols arranged in five rows of stone with the central theme in the middle. Surrounding the symbol are two concentric circles of stones. Within each row are different shapes of glass. The effect is traditional without any special treatment of the glass or painting.

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